Jump In

When the last of the number is brought into the Kingdom, I imagine Abraham will gaze across the oceans of people in glory and marvel: just as God promised from his one son Isaac, their descendants outnumber the stars and sands.

By faith, Abraham believed God.

I want to have the faith that believes God will take the meager that I see with physical eyes and do the immeasurably more.  I want to have the spiritual eyes while on this earth to see the reality behind that kind of faith.

Jesus’ hometown people saw Him only as the carpenter son of Mary and Joseph.  Nicodemus saw only a young Rabbi who spoke of impossible things.  The woman at the well saw a Jewish prophet without a cup to draw water and drink.

We see only those things that our brains have past associations.  We live by sight.  That’s why we ask such silly questions and pray such weak prayers.

Nicodemus asked if a man could reenter his mother’s womb while the woman in John 4 asked how Jesus was going to draw living water when He didn’t even have a jug.  Later His disciples asked if someone else had brought him food cause He didn’t seem to need what they were offering.  All man has to offer in response to an encounter with God is ridiculous nonsense.

We live on planet earth and are satisfied with the atmosphere we see around us while we marvel at the sun, moon, and stars.  When we want an awe boost, we watch a documentary on the vastness of the universe or the intricacies of the human body.  We’re wowed by what we have already discovered.   Still that’s faith by sight.

There is so much more to behold.  Everything God gives is abundantly more than we could ever imagine.  That tells me that we have yet to see the smallest glimpse of the glory of His creation.  Our impressive discoveries of the universe are nothing compared to what is out there all around us in the spirit realm concealed because we refuse to live by spiritual faith.

We would worship in spirit if we ever saw the Truth.  We’re no better than the generation who saw the incarnate God walking among them and not recognize Him.

Their feeble minds couldn’t conceive of Yahweh humbly walking among them willing to die for their sins.  We now know that was reality.  Do you ever wonder what other realities should be evident to us today?  What would happen if we lived as spiritual beings instead of living immersed in the natural, consumed by the temporal, and diseased by the flesh?

I believe we’d never cease to worship.

We’d be daily astounded by wonder upon wonder.

We’d boldly go where no man has gone before.

We’d live like Jesus lived…just like He promised we could.

Here’s my plan.  It’s simple but with God all things are possible.

I plan to make a list of all I see around me in the natural life.  Next, I’ll ask God to give me faith to see with spiritual eyes.  Finally, I’ll pray to walk in this revealed reality.

Care to join me?  Maybe then we’ll be added to Hebrews 11 Hall of Faith.

By faith, Shelia believed God and jumped…


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