The Cancer Landmine

Sometimes you’re going through the day-to-day drudgeries of life and then, kaboom! An unforeseen landmine explodes in your path.  Often its debris plummets down upon you from so many directions you don’t know which way to turn.  Other times it just lands on the bull’s-eye; your head.


Cancer has once again exploded in our family.  Oh how sweet it will be to live eternally in resurrected bodies free from sickness.  But until that day, we trudge on facing the battles as they come.


Dustin, our precious son-in-law, has been diagnosed with stage IIB Hodgkins lymphoma.  He and Tori are both strong in faith and seeking The Great Physician for complete healing.  I ask that you join them in that prayer.  I promise to keep you posted for someday soon we can all rejoice in the miracle of God’s healing.


Until then, my writing schedule will be sporadic at best.  You’ve probably noticed these past few weeks I’ve missed my usual three posts per week.  Our days have been devoted to caring for Eli while his beloved parents keep the unending doctors’ appointments.


We ask why?  Why does one so young and strong in faith have to suffer?  Why when our lives were riding along so smoothly does it seem God brings a sudden derailment?  Were we off course and didn’t know it?  Or is He divinely directing us to higher grounds for more precious intimacy and power?  I like to think of it that way.  For He is good and everything He does is for our good.


For instance, He directed us to the perfect house in Mesa.  We took possession this week.  His perfect timing for us to be near our kids when they need us the most.  Tori and I love to decorate so we now have a fun creative outlet for the coming weeks.  Isn’t our Lord precious to give us gifts so personal to our personalities?


If I am unable to continue my blogs topics, I promise to post regular updates of this new journey as well as some fun things from my past, short stories, and personal testimonies.


If you check the weekly categories on my homepage you will find that I organized my past series into separate categories for easy viewing.  You can refresh your memory or share with others my teachings on:  Fasting is Feasting, De-stressing your life through Prayer, Hearing God’s Voice, Who is your Life? as well as the current lessons on Worship and Teaching them Everything, the Red Words of Jesus.


We cherish your prayers and this online friendship.  Always remember this when your life is rudely interrupted:  A landmine in the loving hands of the Maestro of Heaven is an awesome masterpiece.


4 responses

  1. We are praying for you all Sheila. I am so sorry your family has to walk through this. God bless you with His great peace and understanding each day. Love and prayers, Christie

    1. Thanks so very much Christie for your prayers and friendship!

  2. My dear classmate, I am inspired by the continuing testimony of your faith in our almighty God. I am now sharing this to Facebook, so do check there as the Lord leads also to see that additional friends, including some you may never know on this side, will also pray for you!

    1. Thanks Kelvin, I so appreciate your friendship and ministry on Facebook.

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