Are You Living Rescued?

I lack words.  I have none that express the horrors of imprisonment.  I’m not speechless.  I’m inadequate.

Maybe together we can taste the bile of desperation, pain, and hopelessness if we will pause from our comfort and imagine …

A broken and caged POW isolated from his comrades hearing only the screams of torture as he waits the inevitable.

The young Holocaust victim corralled in procession with other frightened children, inhaling only the gaseous stench of death.

A diseased African woman in the belly of a ship ripped away from her children and abused at the hands of slave traders, facing only a future of torturous labor.

The murderer on death row with only his demons to keep him company as they torture his mind and eat away at his soul.

Each of them dreaming of home, they crave freedom from this present age.

Most likely you have never been a captive of war, a victim of racism, or a prisoner of crimes committed.  Maybe you are.  Today there are millions of slaves held against their will while used for sex trade or hard labor.  Countless numbers are trapped within violent gangs, racist wars, cults, and far more common, abusive homes.  All are trapped and pleading for freedom.

You may be unable to relate to these evil environments, but if you were born on planet Earth, you were born a slave.  Your body wrecked by sin.  Your soul held captive by Satan.  Death, your only guarantee.

But praise God for He loves the prisoners of Earth!  Jesus came and rescued (pass tense) captives from this evil present age.  (Galatians 1:4)  Have you been rescued?

It happens something like this:

From our first breath of earthly air, the countdown to our last breath begins.  Cuddly babies, giggly tots, playful children, adventurous teens into maturing adults, at every stage the disease of sin hardens the heart, controls the brain, and chokes out life.


In the early years, it’s hardly noticeable, a lie here and a temper tantrum there.  But as it spreads it controls every thought and motive until we acknowledge we do what we don’t want to do and don’t do what we want to do. 


The search for peace, joy and fulfillment consumes us.  Nothing satisfies the hollow pit of our soul.  Fears confine, despair strangles, agony consumes, until life is a tragedy.  A stage of characters acting and reacting to the treadmill of daily drudgery.


But what Satan intended to destroy, God planned to redeem.  Every human is pursued by the presence and power of the Almighty who stirs the conscience, opens eyes, and enlightens hearts with His Truth.


The rescued simply responded, “Save me, Jesus.”


All the power of the supernatural God moves the forces of nature to scoop us out of the darkness and cradle us against His heart.  Gently he washes away the filth of sin until we are as white as snow.  He dresses us in royal robes and puts a crown upon our heads. 


He calls the forces of darkness to stand alert as He anoints our head with oil, breathes the fullness of His Spirit into our bodies, and trumpets our new standing as His heir, His child.  The angels rejoice.  Jesus beams.  The Father admires His plan. 


Another is rescued and redeemed from this present evil age.  Free! 


He stoops down, gently kissing our forehead, picks us up…and then puts us right back in the present evil age to live out our days.

But now we’re different.  We are aliens in this world.  We lose nothing of what He gave us.

The filth and grime of this world can’t penetrate His holiness in us.

The weapons of the enemy bounce off our armor.

We move about with effortless ease as we follow his footsteps.

Sadness and grief seep all around us but we remain full of joy and hope.

Sickness and disease can attack us but not defeat us.

Pressures and deadlines mean nothing.

Evil can torture and kill us but our rescued souls live victoriously.

We are free to live like Superman only there is no kryptonite.  All the super heroes had a weakness.  Jesus did NOT.  Neither do we…unless we doubt.

Believe God and live rescued!

Oh Father, I do believe, help me with my unbelief. 


2 responses

  1. Oh Shelia, so beautifully written friend! We are free indeed. And how thankful I am for His saving grace. I know that you have been dealing with many challenges recently and yet you praise Jesus. I join you in that.

    I could relate as you wrote about the progression and how sin hardens hearts. I see little children do what little children do; what they want! It may seem cute at that age but it continues through life and as adults it’s not so cute.

    How I pray that hearts would be softened by the power of the Holy Spirit. May many come to know Jesus as their Savior. May many see their sin as He sees it. And may they open their hearts to His saving grace and find peace with God. That has been my prayer for years (as you know).

    I’m praying for you.


    1. Thanks for your encouraging words. Oh how I want to live in perfect freedom. Let’s do this!

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