Mission Accomplished! Now what?

There’s a strange uneasy lull in life when a goal is met.  Yes, there’s the euphoric high of victory.  But stealing the thrill of the moment is that nagging notion, “What am I to do now?”

I’m a goal maker, list writer, and checkmark junkie.  As much as I delight in checking off a completed goal, I cringe in fear of the new thing.  I suppose it’s human nature to fear the unknown tomorrows and want to curl up in the comfort of today’s ‘knowns.’

I wasn’t the one that graduated on May 26.  It’s not even my victory but for some reason, I’m feeling the lull.  For six long years, Mike has put numerous miles on our car, studied countless hours, and spent more money than we had to earn his Masters of Divinity from Arizona’s campus of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.

It was worth the sacrifices made.  He was the only local graduate to receive M. Div. with Advanced Biblical Studies.  In true Mike form, he did it with a 3.9 GPA.  (Yes, he mourned the one B plus. It happened the semester his mother died.)

The seminary professors took note of his accomplishments in class and in the ministry by awarding him the Buren Higdon Leadership Award.  This honor is given to only one graduate from all the Southern Baptist Seminaries.  Yes, we are proud and humbled by God’s favor.

But now what?

I am ready to start a new adventure.  I feel the need to turn the page and see what God has in store for the next chapter.  I expect it to be grand.  I expect it to be a challenge.  No, I truly expect it will terrify us toward a deeper faith.

The celebration is over, let’s kill the lull, and conquer the fears.  God is on the move and I don’t want to miss a beat.  There’s a stirring in my spirit that assures me that this is going to be a heart-throbbing year.

Here’s all we know so far,

  • Mike is going for his doctorate.
  • He will be church planting in downtown Phoenix.
  • I’m returning to school for creative writing courses.
  • We’re starting a Bible study/prayer group in our Mesa home for young couples.
  • We’ll expand the ministries in Morristown with a Hispanic church, mission team, and a new Kids Club on the school campus.
  • I’ll continue to write and teach as God leads.
  • And of course we’ll enjoy extended family times with Tori, Dustin, Eli, Andrew and Morgan.

Guess the lull won’t last long.

(Photo 1:  Graduating class, Photo 2: Mike with Dr. Iorg and Dr. Johnson, Photo 3:  Mike with Dr. Smith, Photo 4: Mike with Tori and Andrew, Photo 5:  Mike with me, Tori, Andrew, Morgan, Dustin was ill and Eli was with Nana.  Photo 5:  Mike’s cheering section.  Thanks to all who came to share the day with us!)


10 responses

  1. Congratulations to Mike ! Great to hear the news. It’s amazing what God can do. Our son, Tom, is completing his studies for his doctorate from Southern Baptist seminary in Louisville Ky. Watching him I can appreciate the work Mike has done !

    1. Thanks Bill. So excited to know Tom is going for the doctorate. I hope he loves school as much as Mike. Would love to see you again sometime. If you are ever driving through Morristown, stop in!

  2. Congratulations Mike! Shelia I wish you the best in your writing. I have always enjoyed reading your post. Love you. .. Anna..

    1. Thanks much! I love reading your FB posts. You have a real passion for the Lord.

  3. oh alleulia~what an outstanding accompishment Mike has completed! Congratulations a zillion times over! Yeah for Mike (& you) for going on to complete the doctorate…such wonderful news! …………and best of all, I loved reading your “this is what we know so far” list. Please accept me as a wireless member of your congregation!…I will continue to pray for you all! much love, Diane Eddy

    1. Hey girlfriend! Oh how I would love for you to be a member of our congregation. The energy you bring is contagious! Love to you! Thanks for the prayers. Hope to see you this summer while we are in WV.

  4. Sheila and Mike, That is wonderful News!!!. Congratulations to Mike on his success. The Lord has blessed you both time and time again. It was an Honor to be apart of your church. You and Mike came into our lives at a time where Christ was really needed in our family. Through you God has entered our Hearts and continues to grow our family spiritually. Thank you so much for your caring hearts and expression of Grace. Because of you and through the Holy Spirit, God has become an integral part of our lives. God Bless you and the Morristown family. We miss all of you!!

    1. Thanks much! To God be all glory given. We miss you. Why don’t you bring the kids and come visit us in Morristown once again? Let us know when and we’ll prepare for you.

  5. Shelia, how exciting! Congratulations to Mike. I know that the Lord will use him for His Kingdom purposes. I can’t wait to hear about what’s next.

    Blessings and love,

    1. Thanks Debbie! Hope to see you some time this summer.

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