Don’t just survive!

We shouldn’t celebrate anniversaries to mark another year accomplished.  That has a negative connotation.  “Whew, we’ve made it another year.  I wonder how many more we can go.” 

That sounds a bit like doubtful survival.  Anniversaries should be more than that.  It’s taken me 32 years to discover the proper attitude.  Now I’m counting on 32 more years to do it right.

Anniversaries need to be a day of new beginnings, very much like your wedding day.  The celebration be spent creating goals for the future, expecting better things, while anticipating God to far exceed anything we could imagine.

Mark Driscoll, author of Real Marriage, challenged me to step out of survival mode and march into conquering mode.  Mike and I are making exciting goals in our marriage and in our ministry. Together and in His presence the process begins with this question.

In five years from now, where do you see yourself?


For our 33rd year and beyond, we’re going forward to places we’ve never been before.  So we started with a trip to someplace we’ve never been with three consecutive sunny days in the green gardens of Seattle.

God delights to bless us.

It’s going to be a grand year.


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