Can Blessings be Curses?

Blessings can be curses.

It’s true.  My highly structured, efficiently detailed brain serves me well, most of the time.  Then there are the times when it leads to my undoing.  Take for instance, blogging.

In the beginning, I determined I would post a Monday devotional thought, Wednesday prayer tip, and a personal highlight of the week on Friday’s Guess What?    As long as my life had a regular routine, this worked.

I’m living in limbo land now.  This land is void of structure.  It can best be described as ‘hanging off the edge of a cliff by one’s fingernails’.  I’m fighting for a routine but most days I live in going with the flow survival mode.  That’s hard for my brain.

Here’s how I suffer: chaos hits and I don’t write for a week (or longer), causing frustration to stifle all creativity.  I get a great idea but it doesn’t fit the prescribed categories.   I have a cool thing happen I want to put on Friday’s Guess What? but it’s Monday and will be old news by Friday.  I torment myself wondering if anyone will notice I post a devotional thought on Thursday instead of Monday.

How can I break a rule I created?  If I can’t do it right, then I can’t do it at all.  It’s agony being me.

I need a flexible structured plan.  Here’s what I suggest.

  • I’ll add another category, “Any-day Ponderings.”  I’ll have the freedom to post anytime on any-day excerpts from my journal the insights and challenges of what the Spirit is teaching me. Wow!  I have goose bumps considering the possibility of two posts in one day.
  • I’ll rewrite my blog’s ‘About’ page apologizing in advance for broken rules and irregular postings.  This will appease my Class A Personality peers and allow me to post news as it happens or maybe even out of chronological order.  Is such a thing possible?
  • I’ll remove the confining (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) labels from the categories.  So far I’ve had no success with this but I’ll keep trying.
  • I promise to finish the series of lessons left hanging off that cliff.  Maybe then I can stop losing sleep.

My Class A readers are smiling in affirmation of my need to explain myself while all others are scratching their heads wondering what’s the big deal.  Do you think God intended the extremes of so many vastly different personalities?  Or maybe, we should strive for the best traits from each one.  This is how I picture Jesus.  He could stick with the plan and go with the flow, without agonizing over either.

Maybe I’ve been wrong.  I’m not blessed to be Class A nor am I cursed when I struggle in limbo.  Those man-made labels don’t define me they confine me.

I’m a child of the Almighty One being conformed to the image of Jesus.  If I believed this truth, then I’d realize He’s already removed the labels and the curses and declared me Christlike.  Ahh! The freedom that brings.  Bring on the new me with a flexible structured life and proud of it.


I wonder how long it will take?


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