Prepare a Place for Me

My body hurts.  Truly, every muscle and joint from head to toe feels the pain of my new gym membership.

I went in pretty confident, I knew from my past aerobic training how to pace myself with modifications and lightweights.   Also at my age, I no longer strive to outdo the others in the class.

But I’m still sore, especially in the knees, which is a huge hindrance to every activity.  Here’s why.  These past eight years I lived where my only regular form of exercise has been walking.  Though that’s good, it’s limiting.

Only a few muscles are stretched and toned.  The rest are weak and easily damaged.  Even though my cardio endurance may be great, far too many muscles simply can’t keep up with this new pace.  Therefore, they rebel.

That just about sums up my prayer life as well.  I’ve been in a rut, a routine of the same old prayers in the same old way.  It may be acceptable but it’s limited.  So I decided to strive for the next level.  I desire that place where I’m overwhelmed by His glory and revel in His majesty.  Unfortunately my weak heart and untrained mind are fighting against me.

I started this series a few weeks ago with two blogs.  You might want to reread:  Unfocused in Prayer and Come-over to God.  In the first I described my prayer problem and in the second I visualized the ultimate prayer experience.  I’m somewhere in a pit between the two.

Painful pit dwelling can be great places to learn.  I now know that I have to isolate each muscle to stretch and tone it slowly.  This requires perseverance, patience, and passion.  I have to love it enough to persevere through all the hard work and pain.

The same is true with prayer.  Weak believers can be strengthened.  Untrained believers can mature.  But lazy believers never become prayer warriors.

The first step is to create a place for prayer.  It needs to be somewhere free from distractions (TV, hobbies, food, phone, children, etc.)  Jesus referred to that special place as a prayer closet.  In our busy society, hiding away in a closet isn’t such a bad idea.  You may feel silly at first but it could become a sweet haven.

Your prayer place should be intimate yet uncomfortable.  Yes, it should have the ambience of worship and aloneness with your Heavenly love.  But at the same time, it should not be so comfortable that you will fall asleep.  Recliners, beds, or lawn chairs have been the downfall of many prayer warriors.

You’ll need lighting for Bible reading and journal writing plus I recommend space to stretch out prostrate before Him.  Be creative and make it special.  Think of it this way, you are preparing a place to entertain the King of kings and Lord of lords.  Put the same effort you’d exert for your dearest friend.  Just remember, this friend is also Royally Divine.

Photos are from Googling Prayer Closet.  I hope they spark some ideas.

Coming soon…The room is ready, now what?


3 responses

  1. The idea of a prayer closet is wonderful!

    1. Let me know what you create!

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