Ponder This

Ponder [póndər]: to think about carefully before making a decision

I ponder.  Actually I love to ponder.  I prefer the word ponder to daydream.  Elementary school convinced me daydreaming was wrong.  But pondering, well that’s a different story.  “I’m just taking my time and thinking it through.”  No teacher can argue with that defense.

These past few weeks, my daily reading has been alternating the books of Genesis and Acts, a perfect combination of new beginnings.  It’s exciting and challenging to study under the Spirit’s tutelage.  Each new insight sends me into a pond of words.  I’m loving the imaginary:  floating in a sea of words.

Jump in with me.  Genesis 12 is the text.  “I will” are the words to ponder.  God said to Abram, “I will make you into…I will bless you…I will make…I will bless those…I will curse…”  Before He moves God always announces what He’s going to do.

I remember reading where Ben Franklin did the same.  Can’t you just hear Ben at a press conference; “I will change the world by inventing the electric light.”  Now that’s accountability.

So I think I’ll give it a try, “I will change the world by…”

And then I stop and float around in my mind awhile.  Can I change the world?  Probably not, but I can make an impact on my small part of the world.  Maybe, but how?

Notice it was God who would make Abram into something that God could bless and the world would be blessed as a result of what God did.  Abram had only to leave his past dreams and go with the new plan.

In that same chapter famine sets the stage and Abram makes some huge mistakes.  He chose to go to Egypt, nearly lost Sarai, and there gained Hagar, the maidservant who later borne Ishmael.  Even with the extreme consequences of these actions, the spoken covenant still endures to this day.  Because it was God who spoke it over an ordinary man chosen to change the world.

Ponder this…what has God spoken over you and me?

He wrote our birth announcement and epitaphs at the same time.  I’d love to hear mine.  How do you think yours would read?

“I give to the world ________________________ my chosen child.  I will ___________________________________________________________________

through her/his life before bringing her/him home to spend eternity with Me.

Could it be one child I teach about Jesus will grow to become the next Paul?

Could it be that our family uses all our resources to save a people group from destruction?

Could it be one of my books spreads the love of Jesus throughout the world?

Could it be that through my prayers God ignites a revival in America?

Could it be…

Father why am I here?  How have You filled in those blanks?  I don’t want to go down to Egypt and I certainly don’t want an Ishmael.  I just want to be a blessing to the world.  Guide me.


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