Keeping Secrets

I’ve never been good at keeping secrets.  But I want to be.  In my desire to be trustworthy, The plan is simple; I just don’t talk.

This explains why I haven’t blogged for six weeks.

I now understand Zachariah’s agony. (Luke 1) He endured nine months longing to sing out to anyone who would listen the miracle of a new baby.  Yet his lips were sealed in silence.  But oh, when he could speak, his tongue was set free to praise God.

Like Zachariah, I rejoice in the miracle of a baby.   My lips are singing God’s praises.  Grandbaby Jones is on the way.   Congrats to Andrew and Morgan!

A second reason for ignoring my blog, homework.  One teacher is making me write the first poems since my elementary days of ‘roses are red’ classics.  Who knew creative writing could be so painful?

Though I have much to learn, I’m enjoying the process.  In the few words below, I’ve tried to share the marvel of God’s sovereign hand.  No baby is an accident.

Your time is now

To: baby Jones

God scans the kingdom calendar

and notes divine encounters.

There’s a scheduled angelic celebration

When your tender heart surrenders.

Your time is now.

He counts the young and old

you introduce to Jesus.

There’s a broken soul holding gun in mouth

Your compassion stops the bullet.

Your time is now.

The wedding march is playing

A spouse waits just for you.

Together you preach His gospel

when you give to save the other.

Your time is now.

Your momma holds you safe

Your dad prepares your path.

Fearfully and wonderfully made,

you’re the image of His glory.

Your time is now.

Come now, grasp our fingers

and delight our eager hearts.

Join the journey of these families

on our pilgrimage to Glory.

We’re waiting….

Mommy, and Daddy, Grandpap, Gramma, Tori, Dustin, Eli, Grandpa Bill, Grandma Carol, Lindsey, Tristan, Billy, Alex, and Janelle.


2 responses

  1. Simply beautiful Shelia! And congratulations on the upcoming baby in the family. I wondered where you’d been lately.

    blessings and love,

    1. Thanks Debbie! We are thrilled for another baby to cuddle. We never did get together for that cupcake at the farm. Someday…

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