You Deserve Better

MB900411745I had an epiphany this morning.  While doing my Jonah homework, the author Priscilla Shirer, walked us through the stories of Jonah, David, and the prodigal son.  They each had an ‘aha’ moment.  Jonah was in the belly of a huge fish, David was mourning the death of his infant son, and the prodigal was dining on the slop of pigs when their epiphanies shook them to the consciousness of their sin.

As I reflected on my own journey fleeing God, I shivered at the memories of my storms, deceits, and vile living. Then I was jolted to worship when I realized how gracious my God had been to me.  Years ago, He turned me from my wicked ways in an instant of revelation far different than the three examples I had just read.

One morning in my college apartment, I stared at my image in the mirror and heard these words spoken into my heart,  “You deserve better.”

Can you believe it?  The girl who was starved for true love, who craved affection and attention, and who never felt good enough heard she, of all people, deserved better.

It wasn’t just for her, she deserved it.

Not until this very morning did I realize how much grace was poured into my soul that day.  It has taken decades to come full circle to that revelation but I now know it ha always been true.

I was then and I still am, a child of the Most High God.  He saw me as a princess adorned in pure His white wedding gown.  I wore His crown.  I carried His sword.  I had already inherited all the glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

It was all mine, and yes, I deserved it.  Not because of anything I had done.  The salvation of Jesus is assured to those who receive His grace through the remission of sin.  His Word says, when I believed Him and I repented when I was ten-years-old, I became a new creation.  Not only was I eternally saved but I had and still have claim to all the promises of that inheritance.

Yes, that is far better than what I was living.  As far as the beat of my heart, through the unlimited vastness of the universe, to the heart of the Lamb who sits on the Throne, better!


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