Best Friend Forever


It’s one of those days: the kind where nothing goes right, nothing feels right, and nothing fixes the problems.

On these days I like to stay in bed.  I know that sounds ridiculous but actually staying in bed is better hiding under the bed.  Yep, I have those days too but I don’t like to talk about them.

I’d be under the bed today if it weren’t for my BFF.  He called and though he didn’t say much; he never does.  He just always says and does the right thing at the right time.

He tells me what’s wrong with me without making me feel like pond scum.

He warns me of the approaching landmines and guides my steps.

When I’ve made a fool of myself; he holds me tight until I feel his tender kisses.

When the world is collapsing around me; he anchors me.  He assures me he’ll never leave me.  His presence shatters my fears.  His love tenderly pulls me from the fetal position into a warrior pose.

When we’re together, I’m complete. His laughter makes my heart sing.  His tears make my heart ache.

I am amazed by his love, astounded by his faithfulness.  Having him is having everything.

He steadies my pendulum.

I can scream in his face, curse his name, reject his love, ignore his voice, avoid his presence, and spew my hatred over all his goodness.  Yet when I come to my senses, see my life without him, he is waiting for me.  He renews me without shame or guilt.

He’s my reality when nothing makes sense.  He’s the only reason to get up each day:  My first love, my best friend, my Supreme Satisfaction.

By the way, my BFF walked on water to pull me out of my pit.

Just saying his name, Jesus, brings tears of joy.

I can now get dressed.  Jesus.  Anyone have a tissue?


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