Sometimes trees don’t dance with me

imagesI read the Bible for twelve straight hours yesterday.

I wanted to know what it felt like for the Israelites to hear Ezra read the Torah as recorded in Nehemiah 8.

I cheated.  I read while reclining on the bed, then prompted on a pillow, and finally snuggled in my deep cushioned couch.

People were tougher then;  they stood for hours.

I had no real encounter or revelation.  They bowed down and worshiped the LORD with their faces to the ground while weeping over the Word of God.

Maybe I should’ve stood while I read.

The Levites calmed the people and sent them home to celebrate the sacred day with a feast.  I went to bed hungry because I’m dieting.

The next day the people started the week long Feast of Tabernacles because they now understood the words that had been read to them.  I returned to my typical routine, unchanged.

Can anyone out there relate with me?

Or am I the only believer who wants desperately to know more of the LORD, to please Him in everything I do, to experience those “wow” divine moments, yet I have more “duh, what was that all about?” days.

Good thing we live on this side of the cross or life would be depressing.  I get up each day with fresh mercies raining down on me.  I don’t hold myself to the standard of perfection; I walk in grace.

13029634688qB892I sang aloud all the Psalms to the Lord.  So what if the trees didn’t dance with me.

I fasted from all technology and worldly distractions while reading books of God’s Word.  So what if an earthquake didn’t shake me from my bed.

I did it because I wanted my Lord to know He’s most important to me.  He doesn’t need to prove anything to me.  He proved His love and power on the cross.


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