His small piercing eyes scrutinized the passenger through the rear view mirror.   His brows sloped into a deep furrow.   The chauffeur knew his place.  Sitting in the back of the Rolls Royce was Linus Larrabee, his disreputable and powerful boss.  He dared to look again, this time holding the gaze.  He would not back down; his daughter was at stake.

“Go ahead, say it.”  Linus was the first to speak.

“You don’t deserve her.”  Fairchild’s poignant words were slow and cautious.

Linus shifted in his seat before speaking, “I don’t.  I know that but I need her, and I don’t need anything.”


Now, that’s a good line taken from the 1995 remake of Sabrina starring Harrison Ford as Linus and Julia Ormond as Sabrina.  Every time I hear his confession, my heart skips a beat.  The pompous billionaire reached the end of his offensively manipulative self and realized he needed more than his wealth and power.  Love conquered once again.

Viewers summarize this movie as the story of a young insecure girl who discovered herself in Paris then returned home a beautiful woman who captured the hearts of two brothers.  That makes for a great chick flick.  But I’d rather look at the story of Linus who followed in his father’s footsteps only to end up alone and miserable.  A man who didn’t know he needed a savior.  Hollywood provided a raven-haired beauty with soft curls and eyes that penetrate your soul.   I find it uncanny that her methods matched the one who was sent to be my savior.   Two things are necessary if we are to see ourselves for what we are.


SAB21. Sabrina told him the truth.  The ocean breeze playfully caressed her curls as they relaxed on a beach.  Over wine and baked clams with their campfire twinkling in rhythm with the stars, she told him people call him the world’s only living heart donor and how she had feared him since childhood.

2. She asked tough questions.  After a perfect day at Martha’s Vineyard, when most women would’ve gushed about the private jet, the cottage, the handsome rich man who can cook, Sabrina responded to Linus’ declaration of why he was who he was with, “That’s where you work. Linus, where do you live?”  The man, who caused people to jump at attention, spent the rest of the night with a stiff drink and deep thoughts.

Within two days the hard-hearted Linus Larrabee, who loved money more than family, sacrificed it all for a love he didn’t deserve. The man with the habit of greed offered the amazing love of his savior to his brother.

His savior’s penetrating eyes cut to his soul and revealed truth of who he was.  But when he looked deep into her eyes, where he expected disgust, fear, or hatred, he found only love.  His frozen heart began to melt and dripped healing balm that ate away the cancer of self.

I know such a Savior.  His love defies logic; it multiplies when divided.  Like Linus, I would sacrifice everything for you to know such a love.

1995 sabrina 2


2 responses

  1. Sheila, that is one of my ALL TIME favorite movies! Thanks for putting a new spin on it for me. I think I have to watch it again tonight; it’s been a few years since I’ve seen it. 🙂 Great post!

    1. I so agree. I’ve watched it so often, I have most of the scenes memorized. Enjoy the movie tonight!

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