When I think of Fresh Delights my mouth waters for a special treat.  It usually consists of chocolate and coconut.  How about you? Though we can’t share our favorite edibles across the net, we can share the wisdom and truths God has so graciously blessed upon us.  Each week I will offer a Monday Devotional Thought created to focus your heart on Jesus.  Wednesdays, I’ll add a Midweek Feast with a teaching about prayer.  Closing out the week we will delight in what God has done in our lives.  I’ll start the conversation and you’ll provide the special touches.  Bring your favorite snack  and let’s delight in Him. 

But remember, our mommies taught us to play nice.  So share your opinion, offer suggestions and insights, disagree if you must but do it all in the Spirit of love.  If you can’t follow this simple rule then we’ll have to part ways.


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  1. Janet LaSalandra | Reply

    Hi, Sheila, I am excited about getting to read these Fresh Delights. I have seen them on FB and decided to begin reading more in depth. Have some catching up to do. Joe and I are here in South Asia working with Deaf and using sports as an entry into relationships and sharing. Please pray for us. Joe and I were in Payson pastoring a small church up in the mountains. We have moved on, and God has blessed that same church with a pastor to carry on His work there. Neat!
    Thanks for sharing your heart with us.
    Janet La Salandra

    1. My name is Rita Adams Thomas. I went to Delta State University in the early 1970’s. I have been trying to find a friend Janet Mayhall for the last several years. I do know that her last name is LaSalandra and I am hoping this might be you. If so, I sure would love to hear from you!

  2. Dear Sheila:
    I am impressed by your knowledge and your ability to convey it. You have found the truth that so many people have missed, you must trust and love Jesus first, there is no one greater or who demands more love and respect. If we live in his word we will truly know what love and sacrifice are, we shall also know peace, knowledge, prosperity, and our faith has the power to get us through anything.
    Thank you for your enlightenment and may god bless.

    Larry Selby

    1. Thanks for the kind words but all glory goes to Jesus for there is no good in me apart from Him.

  3. I am currently rereading Dr. Gregory Frizzell’s book, “How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life.” In this book, he mentions “A Christian Parent’s Checklist.” I would love to have a copy of this. Is it available somewhere online? Could you email it to me? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks and God bless.

    Angie Roberts

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