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Twenty years ago when I began my ministry of teaching prayer to believers, I gave thanks to the Lord for inventing phones so that we could share prayer concerns quickly.  Technology has advanced so rapidly that I’m feeling like an antique.  Praise the Lord, I’m still teachable.  We now have another mode of communication:  on-line prayer.  Use this page to post a prayer concern.  As we read them, we promise (all of us) to record for you the written text of our spoken prayer.  We ask that you come back and tell us how He answered so we can delight in His faithfulness with you.


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  1. Janet LaSalandra | Reply

    Hi, Sheila, Joe and I will be here in South Asia until October this year. Please pray that we will understand God’s plan for us for the next step. We would like to continue here, but how and in what capacity. We are serving with SBC mission organization on a 3 year plan..may have opportunity to continue. God’s will be done.
    Joe and Janet

    1. Father, we praise you that your will is good and perfect. We praise you that your love has no limitations. We praise you that you are faithful and in your time and by your power, you will make it positively clear where Joe and Janet will be best used for your Kingdom work. I pray for them to have patience and contentment as they wait upon your will. I pray for wisdom and clarity to hear and understand your call. I pray for willingness and strength to obey the second you speak. I ask that your glory be evident throughout this process of waiting and seeking.
      Use them to bring lost souls into your Kingdom in South Asia this day and every day they serve you there. Bless your Holy Name, Amen!

      1. Janet LaSalandra

        tthank you for that. The team will be coming Feb. 11. I have some prayer requests to pray daily for them, if you don’t mind.
        Re: A team of Deaf and Hearing coming to Bangladesh! Total: 8 plus the LaSalandras
        When: February 10 to February 23
        Please pray!
        • Pray for the Holy Spirit’s preparation of hearts, not only on the team, but also for the Deaf we will meet as we go out.
        • Pray for meeting places for sharing, fellowship, storying, drama, etc.
        • Pray for sensitivity to the culture and to the spiritual places in the hearts of the Deaf here.
        • Pray they will see our love for each other, as we desire to express God’s love to them.
        • Pray for good health the whole time for all.
        • Pray for many opportunities to develop relationships and to share Christ, as we have opportunity.
        • Pray for Joe and Janet, the workers here in Bangladesh, as we make preparation for the team to come. We would like to get train tickets to travel between 2 large cities, so pray God will make those available.
        • Pray for safety as the team travels to this part of the world from 2 different countries, from the US and another Asian country.

        Thank you for your prayers…
        Joe and Janet

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