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He Sees Jesus in Me

imagesWhen God the Father looks at a believer, He sees His Son, Jesus.”

I’ve said that truth countless times.  My head knows the doctrine of justification.  Sadly because I’ve never defined it, I exhibit no power in those powerful words.

Until now!

After reading, “Because He Loves Me” by Elyse Fitspatrick, I can define what the Father sees when He looks at me, His beloved daughter.

Read slowly; don’t miss this.  Imagine each statement as you look at your reflection before a Holy God.

Jesus’ perfect record has become ours.  Because God has accredited or imputed Jesus’ perfect obedience to you, when God looks upon you, he sees you as a person who

  • Always does the things that are pleasing to him
  • Is so focused on accomplishing his will and work that doing so is your daily food
  • Doesn’t seek your own will but seeks his will instead
  • Doesn’t seek to receive glory (praise, respect, worship) from others
  • Has always kept all his commandments;
  • Lives in such a way that your life brings holiness to others
  • Loves others and lays down your life on a consistent basis
  • Lives in such a way that the people around you know that you love your heavenly Father more than anything else
  • Seeks to obey every command so that righteousness will be fulfilled.

 …In God’s opinion (the only one that matters!) that’s your record today.

Page 74  “Because He Loves Me”

Anyone saying, “wow, wow, wow” with me right now?  If not, then you’ve missed the astonishment of these truths.

If you’re like me, you will need to lean in a bit closer to that reflection and probe for any evidence of these virtues.  If we can’t see Jesus and others can’t see Jesus in us, then maybe, there is a pride issue.

I have to remind myself over and over that his righteousness is now mine and that the way my heart harasses me is more a function of my pride and self-sufficiency than a sincere desire for godliness.  If godliness before him is what I was really after, then one look at the cross and empty tomb would suffice. 

 But I can see that I’m frequently more concerned about whether I approve of myself than the fact that he approves of me.  I sinfully long to be able to look at my life and feel good about my personal accomplishments and it is that desire that spawns crushing guilt.

 The only way to silence my heart and find solace is to continually remind myself of my new identity in Christ and to be satisfied with that alone. 

Page 75 “Because He Loves Me”


The Gospel is our life, our hope.  We must daily review Bethlehem, Golgotha, Jerusalem, and the Mount of Olives.  Until we are convinced that because of His great love, He came as a baby, lived a sinless life, died on the cross, was buried then rose from the grave, and is now seated in Glory.  He loves that much.

“I believe He won’t stop loving me until He stops loving His own Son.” 

How can we not passionately love and obey such a God?